Shared tablets become an even more powerful educational tool

Everything your school needs to create the ideal learning environment and experience with your shared devices.

Tablet network of people

Shared devices present unique challenges for administrators, teachers and students, which can limit instructional effectiveness and engagement. That’s why we’ve developed Scules Shared.

One of the biggest challenges of shared devices is the loss of student work. Planning and professional development can mitigate much of this loss, but these efforts require time and energy that could be better spent on the work itself. Scules Shared is a simple, safe and affordable platform for receiving, organizing and storing student files in their native app format. For students this means starting a project in iMovie on one iPad on Tuesday and then finishing it from a different iPad on Friday----all without having to export and email or change formats and save to Google Drive.

Scules Shared also provides tools for encouraging students and tracking class behavior without having to set up time-consuming classes or lists. Student rosters flow automatically you’re your SIS into Scules making setup a breeze. Scules Shared’s communication tools allow you to share your students' progress and classroom behavior directly with parents, principals and coordinators in just a few clicks.

Powerful tools for every step of your class

Simple, safe, efficient. We recognize that the best advice and suggestions come from educators like you. So we built Scules Shared especially for you - to use all the educational potential of mobile technology, by enhancing instuction and creating the best learning experience.

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Intuitive Design & Balanced Management

Scules’s intelligent hierarchy balances responsibility so IT can focus on device management, provisioning and security at the school or district level, while teachers manage instructional content and student device-interaction within the classroom. This balanced approach saves time, speeds adoption and gives reluctant teachers the comfort of knowing that locking devices and refocusing their student's attention is just a click away.

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Classroom Management

Manage your student-devices right from your device. Guide students to specific website, lock students into a single app, quickly poll the class, turn on/off the Internet, create randomized groups with just a few clicks.

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Timed-based policies

Create policies and restrictions based on time or course and Scules automatically applies and removes restrictions for selected users/groups before, during and after school.

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Customer Support

O Scules tem uma área interna e dedicada na plataforma para contato direto com nossa equipe de suporte para responder a perguntas técnicas e ou resolver problemas.

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Remote Provisioning

Remove a tablet’s password immediately; wipe and locate lost/stolen devices; install, update and remove apps though our full integration with the Apple Store and Google Play or through Apple’s VPP Program.

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Internet Control

With Scules Internet Control (MIC), you can control all the websites access, to meet CIPA requirements and ensure safety, by allowing educational content while blocking inappropriate aspects.

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Inventory Management

Match users with devices, locate and log each device, check compliance and run dynamic reports in real time. Scules Shared even provides a global view of which apps are in use at your school/district and on BYOD devices.

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Users alerts

Scules provides administrators with the ability to receive notifications when specific events occur across their shared device fleet. For example, you will be notified should a student attempt to ‘jailbreak’ a device or remove the MDM.

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